An alternative to the Steam Cafe program that was available before.

What is iCafeSteam ?

Most steam game are LAN game. People come to Gaming cafe just to play those games. But to play steam games you require steam account. Cafe owner make many steam account and purchase games to share to the custoemrs/player.

Share steam accounts in your cafe!

iCafeSteam is a steam account sharing application, allow your cafe clients to play steam games with shared accounts.

Not only that, it also minimizes the cost of the license fee that you have to pay for steam games.

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Who Needs iCafeSteam?

iCafeSteam is mostly used by

  • Gaming Centers
  • Gaming Cafes
  • Internet Cafes
  • Game hosts

By using iCafeSteam you are able to let players play Steam games without purchasing games themselves.

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Why You Need iCafeSteam?

Save Time

Save time to play the games directly without worring about entering password, authentication on the client PC. Just run the game and play.

Save Money

Steam games can be pretty expensive when it comes to it, so with iCafeSteam you save plently.

Up to Date

We update dependencies to keep things fresh.


$ 10 / Steam Acc / ANNUAL

  • Unlimited Upgrades and Support